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Electronic Low Voltage - Forward Phase Dimming

  • Dimmable with the use of most electronic low voltage dimmers
  • Electronic low voltage dimmers require a neutral wire in the wall box
  • Dimming range of 100% down to 20% or lower with a minimum load of one fixture and a maximum load of 75% of the dimmer rated load (see example); both dimming range and maximum rated load may vary depending on dimmer model.
Typical Fixture Power Consumption = 10W
Dimmer Rating = 600W
Equivalent Incandescent Load (EIL) Factor = 75% (0.75)
(600/10) X 0.75 = 45 Fixtures per Dimmer

Juno Qualified Dimmers include:
  • Lutron Diva DVELV Series
  • Lutron Skylark SELV Series
  • Lutron Faedra FAELV Series
  • Lutron Maestro MAELV Series
Consult technical services for additional information regarding other dimmer model qualification

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