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Home > California Law Requires Battery Powered Smoke Alamrs to Contain a Nonreplaceable, Nonremovable Battery That is Capable of Powering for at Least 10 Years.
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The Requirements

Senate Bill 745/1394 law requires the following:
  1. Commencing July 1, 2014, all smoke alarms including combination smoke alarms, that are solely battery powered shall contain a nonreplaceable, nonremovable battery that is capable of powering the smoke alarm for at least 10 years.
  2. Commencing July 1, 2015 all smoke alarms or combination smoke alarms shall:
    • Display the date of manufacture.
    • Provide a place on the device where the date of installation can be written. The date of installation shall be visible to the consumer without removing the alarm from its base or mounting bracket.
    • Incorporate a hush feature.
EXCEPTIONS to (1) and (2) of the above:
  • Smoke detectors intended to be used with a fire alarm or household fire alarm control unit.
  • Smoke alarms that send a supervision and battery depletion signal to a fire alarm or household fire alarm control unit via a low power wireless communication signal.
  • Smoke alarms that use low-power radio frequency wireless communication signal for interconnection.
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